Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Garment Sewing Class:  We are doing collars and collar stands in the Garment Making class.  I spent the morning making samples for each student with upper collar, under collar and collar stand.  It is a great group of students.  They will get to learn Pam Erny's turning the point technique and Margaret Islander's burrito technique.

Today I received my 100% cotton Bare Knits from Nancy's Notions.  I am excited to get started sewing each piece.  The feel and look really great.  The weight is nice and they are opaque.  I have been very disappointed with the knits and jerseys that I have purchased from cheap online vendors. They look good on the computer, some die in the wash, most start to pill immediately.  I sew things that I want to wear and that work with my other wardrobe.  It makes me really unhappy when they become rags after 3 washings and have to be thrown away.  I have high expectations for these knit pieces.  Stay tuned.

Now I have made the Bare Knits top.  I have washed it a few times and it is holding up really well. This fabric is not shown in the current catalog but is available on Nancy's Notions website.

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